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This is the official Wiki location for the Minecraft mod TaleCraft, the spiritual successor to AdventureCraft (Minecraft Forum Thread, old Wikkii page) by Cryect.

Current Version: TaleCraft v0.3.0 (MC 1.11.2)Edit

(Note: Since Minecraft 1.8, TaleCraft had to adapt into a "Mod" style because of the new Gradle build system for MCP and various other reasons. Due to this, please assume all Items and Blocks from the alpha stages (V0.05 - V0.12) to be discontinued in future versions - although there may be alternate MC 1.8+ versions of the items and blocks in the future. Thank you for your continued support.)

TaleCraft progress has been heavily halted since the most recent version was released. In March of 2016, tiffit announced he had been given permission to take over the development of the mod. (TaleCraft was previously being made by Longor1996, with help from the community). Though so far only minor progress has been made toward this mod, keep in mind that its creation is an ongoing process. As more is done by tiffit, more information will be posted here.

If you find any incorrect information, or find that something is missing, feel free to correct it.


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